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North 4th Street. Pre-owned auto dealerships (credit guaranteed!), Mercados, chili wreaths in the shape of crosses and used furniture out front for display. Few trees, no upscale coffee houses, not a fru fru boutique in sight. Everyday real life only.


Favorite lunch spot of visiting artists

North of the 4th and Griegos intersection there’s a funky little mall that includes the Tortilleria Y Carniceria CUAUHTEMOC (some of the best Mexican food in town), a Laundromat and a church And at the north end of the mall—the North Fourth Art Center. Bold geometric  abstract designs—yellow, blue, green, white, black—decoratethe building front, trees green and glossy shade the street side tile art-arches, colored mostly in shades of Mexican blue and New Mexico brown.

North Fourth’s signature

The North Fourth Art Center


Welcome to the North Fourth Art Center and our new BLOG! The art center is a lively place of art classes, the N4th Gallery and its idiosyncratic exhibit series and of the N4th Theater and the range of local, national and international artists it hosts.

Day Arts and Exploratory Arts Programs offer classes for adults with developmental disabilities in every imaginable artistic medium from sewing to filmmaking to sculpting to Musical Vibrations.

Arts Adventures is exactly what the name implies—arts adventures for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Expressions offers adults with mental health concerns a safe yet artistically rich environment.

Buen Viaje Dance and Equilibrium and Solarity Theater, our resident mixed-ability companies perform at the Center and in the community.

The N4th Gallery is in the process of developing new programs but certainly the inventive qualities of the exhibits offered will continue.

The N4th Theater has a variety of programs and coming up in October is Global DanceFest which you will hear all about in the next few blogs.


Artful Cargo Container

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The North Fourth Art Center Blog is your opportunity to get information about and insight into what we do. And your chance to interact with the staff and artists that work here or visit us with their art.

We will post a new blog every Tuesday or Wednesday about all manner of Center activities. .

Please join us—comment, advise, share.