Dede Feldman, Ed Sandoval, Bill O'Neill, Deborah Armstrong

Dede Feldman, Ed Sandoval, Bill O’Neill, Deborah Armstrong

The North Fourth Art Center has been fortunate over the years to have enthusiastic supporters who also happen to be government officials, legislators, commissioners and councilors.

What a pleasure it was to have some of the most loyal as our guests Saturday night, June 28th.

For the closing night of Equilibrium Theater and Buen Viaje Dance’s season, North Fourth hosted our very own Representatives and Senators, past, present and future, at a reception. Orlie Sedillo and Tasia Young, former and current board members, served as masters of ceremony and we were able to express our thanks to Ed Sandoval (Representative, District 17 until the 2015 session), Debbie Armstrong (new Rep for District 17), Dede Feldman (former Senator District 13) and Bill O’Neill (current Senator District 13). Other friends and supporters present included Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, former Senator Richard Romero, Representative Rick Miera, former Representative Daniel Silva and Representative Mimi Stewart.

Orlie Sedillo, Ed Sandoval

Orlie Sedillo, Ed Sandoval

Rick Miera; Bob White and Leonard Stitelman

Rick Miera; Bob White and Leonard Stitelman

We are very honored that so many of our best and brightest public servants support the programs we offer here at North Fourth. We are all familiar with the general consensus that government is broken—and perhaps share that view from time to time. But, again like so many of us, we love our own legislators. We should—they have been nothing but concerned, involved and respectful of our programs, artists and staff. As importantly, they have participated in and enjoyed what we do here—they truly have fun when they join us for events, programs and parties.

I want to put in my plug here for paying attention to where our legislators—and all of our elected officials—stand on the issues, particularly in our case standing with people with disabilities. Pay attention and VOTE. When you do that it results in government that is responsive to EVERYONE.