It’s Beginning to SOUND a lot like Christmas…


The Exploratory Art Studio was the scene of a lovely Christmas concert yesterday afternoon. Bryan Christiansen played a whole array of holiday music on his trombone and the sound was just right for a December day—strong and lively and celebratory. I’m still humming “Jingle Bells”  and “Oh Christmas Tree.”

Turns out Bryan is a talented musician who has been playing the trombone for eleven years, ever since junior high. In fact he continues to take lessons with a friend who plays with the Philharmonic. I hope our musical friend Bryan will offer more concerts; I think every holiday would be a little more special with his tunes.

When I went over to talk to Bryan this morning he was drawing, another of his favorite pastimes. He was drawing Charlie the Cat today; Charlie was his cat when he was at UNM, a pretty gray tabby. He said he has also drawn the Brooklyn Bridge which his mom likes so well she had it framed for their home.

So this most excellent of trombonists is also studying computers at Life Roots. He enjoys Scrabble, working with sentence structure on his ipad and, of course, games.

Bryan is here at the Exploratory Arts Studio two days a week. He spends about half of his days drawing and the other half with music. He loves it when Robyn plays the piano.

Bryan lives with his parents and has one sister who is in law school in Vermont. He said he spends a lot of time on his music at home too, but he also likes TV, particularly the comedy and travel channels.

I am always on the lookout for fellow Scandinavians so I was happy to find out Bryan is Danish (also Irish and Bulgarian). We Scandinavians have to stick together because there aren’t so many of us here in New Mexico.


Bryan and Mom.

Bryan and Mom.


Charlie the Cat